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The magnanimous land of India is comprised of 28 states and 7 Union Territories. The state Census 2011 has been conducted on both the states as well as the territories of India. If you are interested on the state census data, here goes a short brief with highlights on all the chief parameters of the society to present the reader with a considerable gist on Census Facts 2011 States.

When it comes to the highest India population 2011 by state, Uttar Pradesh rules albeit Maharashtra hosts both the optimum populous district and city in the country. U.P. is the maximum populated state in India with a population of around 19.96 crores. Maharashtra comes second with a population of 11.23 crores. The least populated state in the country is Sikkim with a population of 607688 and Mizoram is the 2nd least populated state with a value of 10, 91014. In regards to Union Territories, Delhi is the most populous Union Territory in the country with a population of 16,753,235. Lakshadweep has been found with least population in the country with a population figure of 64,429. Delhi NCR shows the highest density/square kilometer of 11297 individuals. Arunachal Pradesh shows the least density/square kilometer of 17 individuals.

If you search census 2011 for the growth percentage in the Indian states, Meghalaya comes up as the Indian state with optimum growth rate of 27.82%. On the other hand, Nagaland shows the least percentage of growth. The growth rate in Nagaland is (-) 0.47%. The Union Territory with highest growth rate is Dadra and Nagar Haveli with a growth percentage of 55.50%. Lakshadweep is the Union Territory with lowest rate of growth which is 6.23%.

According to India's census facts 2011, Kerala comes up as the most literate state in the country with 93.91 percentage of literacy rate. The state of Bihar is the least literate with 63.82% of literacy rate. As regards to Union Territories, Lakshadweep shows the highest literacy rate of 92.28%. The least literate Union Territory in India is Dadra and Nagar Haveli with a literacy rate of 77.65%.

As per the Indian Census 2011, the state of Kerala maintains the optimum sex ratio as always with 1084 women per 1000 men. Haryana displays the least ratio with 877 women per 1000 men. Puducherry shows the optimum sex ratio in the country with 1038 females per 1000 males. Daman & Diu is the Union Territory with least ratio on sex with 618 females on 1000 males.