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List of Smallest districts of India by Area

In India, districts are divided based on ethical, cultural, and social interaction rather based on easiness or prosperity. This makes some districts very small while others large enough. There is no direct relation between area of district and its population. Large districts like Leh and Jaisalmer have low population despite their massive size.

So, which is the smallest district in India? Answer is Mahé district of Puducherry. The area is enclave of Kerala. Puducherry was formerly part of French India territories and it consist of 4 areas – Puducherry district and Karaikal district located as enclave of Tamil Nadu, Mahé district surrounded by Kerala and Yanam district as an enclave of Andhra Pradesh.

Interesting fact, all the 10 smallest districts are part of Union Territories.

Rank District State Area(Km2) Population Density
1 Mahe Puducherry 9 41816 4646
2 Central Delhi Delhi 21 582320 27730
3 Lakshadweep Lakshadweep 30 64473 2149
4 Yanam Puducherry 30 55626 1854
5 New Delhi Delhi 35 142004 4057
6 Diu Daman and Diu 39 52074 1335
7 North Delhi Delhi 61 887978 14557
8 North East Delhi Delhi 62 2241624 36155
9 East Delhi Delhi 63 1709346 27132
10 Daman Daman and Diu 72 191173 2655