Meghalaya literacy rate now 75.48 : Census Data

Posted on April 27th, 2011

As per Official Census of India 2011, Population of Meghalaya is now 29.64 Lakh showing change of 27.82% from the last decade. Reports of Census 2011 suggest that Meghalaya feeds 0.24 percent of total population of India.

As per preliminary report of Meghalaya, of total population of 2,964,007, male and female constituted 1,492,668 and 1,471,339 respectively. In 2001, Meghalaya’s population stood at figure of 2,318,822, roughly 23.19 Lakh.

Meghalaya, one of the states or UT of India having total sq km area of 22,429 has density of 132 per which is below the national average density of India which figures currently at 382. If measurement is shifted from Kilometer to Mile, Meghalaya’s total area becomes 8,660 Sq mi having density of approximately 342 per Sq mi.

As per report of Census 2011, Meghalaya has literacy rate of 75.48 which is above national average of 74.04 percent. Total 1,817,761 people were found literate in Meghalaya as per 2011 census report. In 2001, Meghalaya had 62.56% literacy rate.

In literacy, of total 1,817,761 literate populations, 934,091 were male while remaining 883,670 forms female. In percentage, male were 77.17 percent literate while female were having 73.78 percent literacy. In 2001, male and female were having literacy rate of 71.18% and 50.43% respectively. Total literate in 2001 census were 1,157,875 of which male and female formed figure of 614,272 and 543,603 respectively for Meghalaya.

With regards to Sex Ratio also known as Gender Ratio, Meghalaya surpass average sexratio of India. India’s average Gender Ratio increased to 940 from the past figure of 933. As of 2011, Meghalaya’s Sex Ratio stands out at 986 which was at 975 in 2001 census.

You can found more comprehensive data at our census page of Meghalaya.

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