Darjiling Census 2011 Highlights

Posted on May 19th, 2011

Highlights of 2011 Census

  1. Total population is 1,842,034 compared to 1,609,172 of 2001.
  2. Male and female were 934,796 and 907,238 respectively.
  3. Population Growth for Darjiling District recorded in 2011 for the decade has remained 14.47 percent. Same figure for 1991-2001 decade was 23.79 percent.
  4. Total Area of Darjiling District was 3,149 with average density of 585 per sq. km.
  5. Darjiling Population constituted 2.02 percent of total West Bengal Population.
  6. Sex Ratio of Darjiling District is now 971, while child sex ratio (0-6) is 943 per 1000 boys.
  7. Children below 0-6 age were 180,170 which forms 9.78 of total Darjiling District population.
  8. Average Literacy rate for Darjiling District is 79.92 percent, a change of from past figure of 71.79 percent. In India, literacy rate is counted only for those above 7 years of age. Child between 0-6 ages are exempted from this.
  9. Total literates in the Darjiling District increased to 1,328,218.
  10. All the data regarding Darjeeling District Population were released by Directorate of Census Operations in West Bengal.

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